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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


thx anyway tho bliz


Thats fine.

I hope you have a good sleep

Just think about happy shit.


NP Pug.

Ive gone through some shit too, its kinda of an experience.

Im no Therapist, but i do like to help people.


Alright so I’m just gonna vent here cause im pissed and don’t want to ruin my wall/pillow

So i got Infinite Warfare and Modern warfare remastered, and once I got the disc installed onto my console, and was hoping to play MWR, I got notice of a fucking 73.6G Update.




I’ve just decided to disown them


I feel like they’re setting me back from what I want in life. so. I just stopped wanting to see them.


Welcome to the digital age my son


I don’t even know if I can sleep well tonight because I’m so worried on my mom being sick from so much drinking……… it hurts


that fucking sucks.

but. just do what I do and know itll be alright.


even if I imply the opposite with my own issues in life.


Im not going to dictate your life Pug.

Its your choice here.


All i can say, is i hope it goes well.


I should be back at being my older self instead of sleazy bastarding all the way
if I only had the energy to tho
maybe I should try working on it from now


Oh god I am so fucking tired
Physically and mentally


Remember what I said above?

Sleep and sport work wonders. :+1:



I do none of those

Except Sleep, i have been having a great amount of sleep recently, and its mind boggling


Been finding it real difficult to sieze the day recently

Probably due to the fact that I go to bed at 4AM, then the mice in my house keep me awake until 7

If not the mice then the worry of going back to work in a place I don’t know with people I don’t know cause my supervisor moved me around


Go to sleep ;-;


I did, eventually

The knock-on effect of all this however results in me waking up at almost 4PM


Been experiencing similar sleep cycle issues. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you have another entire new year to make up and you will get accustomed soon at your new workplace. Perhaps a new crush even. :wink: