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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


I was wrong in not making it more clear before, but what’s the real deal with waiting someone to stop playing until you can play again not to make your DM overworked.
It’s bad news but in no need for a “but I want play NOW, mom!”


First of all you couldn’t even have cancelled something due to rp because we always ask if people could play tomorrow and we don’t have real schedules

Second that you just study at night to play during midnight and go to sleep at 7AM until it’s noon. Playing a MMORPG isn’t a super obligation for you to be extra busy as you claim to be, shocking news.




Honestly the party is already oversized and that’s why I took this measure. Your loss wouldn’t really be felt. I’m just trying to convince you to stay because I wanted to see your growth as a player


“and even if we did it a 6 player party you would just raise the difficulty to kill us”
Bitch no.
DM isn’t here to kill you and if they wanted to a meteor would just call on every one of you.
If I raised the difficulty it would be to balance. Also 6 player is too chaotic for me to handle if the table will not enter in total boredom


Tbh I’ll just take a break from this all. You now aren’t going to have a game anyway because I won’t be even here to DM

But seriously, I have been spending too much time with this last month and I wanted to do other things as playing my stuff, reading or making silly jokes rather than always be spending time explaining basic class features
to someone and translating files infinitely

The time I spend on it is just overall unhealthy.


Oh I feel free already


If someone can’t handle waiting in D&D, they aren’t a veteran in the slightest. Just a walking superiority complex.


We have played together one or two times under the same DM who was quite railroady, so she didn’t really evolve as a player and I wanted to see she getting out of newbie mentality of protagonism and manicheism.

No, the level 5 mage didn’t cast fireball on the part because it was evil. It was because you decided it would be a good idea to.charm them so you could steal literally all they had when they only had three items at all (his grimoire, his cat and a magic amulet linked to his sanity and memories)


I see.


I’ll try to sleep naaaw


/pats Merc is k ppl with superiority complexes are nincompoops


I’m losing myself completely


I can’t stand it anymore
It is not only hurtful and frustating as it is also ridiculous that I keep acting like I’m still christian even though I am not for almost three years now. I just can’t tell them. Absolutely not.

But this FUCKING idiotics stuff my parents do and pull me over within. Fuck you. I don’t care about that shit, leave me alone, please. I just wanted to play a game with my friends, but no, it’s fucking night and you want me to watch over an hour of someone saying shit I don’t care about. The best case scenario I am just bored and anxious while the worst case scenario I am crying again because I am scared of being wrong in this religion thing and doomed to hell. Fuck you.


I just wish you werent that crazy into religion, that you give me space


Every time I go to church forced pretending is something normal I feel more and more dull, it’s just mechanical at this point and is hours of days that I am wasting for literally nothing




i dislike people who don’t know the most basic things including grammar stuff cause can you really call yourself smart if you don’t even know the difference between “your” and “you’re”


I didn’t even tried to write you, your or you’re, it was a typo. I am not playing smart here, look who is trying to correct something that nobody asked for


i thought this was a venting thread

i wasn’t talking to you ffs

bitch get outta here