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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


Now, I have a Chem exam at 6:00


So at 5:00 I’m getting my food right as the dining hall opens for dinner, and I’m planning to use my time to study a few things just before the exam starts. Not that I haven’t been studying before, but a last minute review is always nice.


So I was understandably frustrated when I was told I couldn’t register because there is a hold on my account.


There really shouldn’t be - I’m paid in full and in good academic standing. I even visited my advisor two weeks ago to discuss course selection and things seemed fine.


Of course, the system can’t just tell you what the hold is for. That would be too easy.


So, I start burning the time I was going to use to review to investigate.


After a few minutes of digging through the system, I finally find where they buried the information on holds and discover that I have a financial hold… somehow.


I know for a fact that I was paid off, so I head over to my account inquiry to see what I’m being charged for.


There are three line items there - tuition, room and board, and housing during summer orientation, of all things. Now I know something is definitely up, because we paid off everything in full, and there’s no way orientation housing should be on the bill in December when it was paid off in August.


Figuring a mistake was made, I called the Financial Aid office, waited through the long and tedious robotic answering machine, and then chose to talk to a representative.


Figures - they close at 5:00.


I start frantically thinking over the past month or so, trying to figure out what change could possibly have lead to almost a thousand dollars being added to my bill out of nowhere.


Suddenly, I realize the only change that could possibly have lead to this.


I won a $2,500 scholarship from Ford Motor Company.


And now I suddenly owe $777 out of pocket before I can register for classes next semester.


In disbelief, I try to register again, just in case, and discover that one of my classes that was open is now closed.


Apparently there’s a limit to 20 consecutive replies.

I don’t care.


I’m used to getting fucked out of my time and my money by the University, but at this point I’m just fucking done.


How the fuck do you get a scholarship and suddenly owe money???


If you’re an American student reading, please go to a private college. I highly doubt they can fuck with your money like this there.