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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


A yarn is like a chat right? :thinking:


Yarn is wool


Also I don’t have flatmates I live at home


Not where Marcus is from.


Ah so there was simple formula involving the volume. I never had this and couldn’t find it quickly online, but it seems good. I was sleeping though. :wink:


Pretty sure that’s disabled


See now that your partner is blacklisted for gamethrowing this is kinda funny


More of a story than a chat iirc


I never thought I’d see the day I see a more confusing sentence than ‘Scum Vote Ashe’


Where are title games at Marl?

I want to be The Grim Reaper.


Oh shit I’ve been one-upped


I think he is drunk when writing that.


Have a yarn just means to talk with peeps ffs guys


Yes… but it was still nonsensical.


To be fair, if you’re from round the Black Country like myself (trust me, it’s an actual area) you hear stranger phrases.




Thank God this thread exists

I am more pissed off right now than I think I have been in years


So I was informed that my time slot to register for classes would be today at 5:00


So I’ve been keeping an eye on my classes all day to make sure I can enroll immediately at 5:00


5:00 rolls around, I select my classes for next semester, and submit the form to officially enroll in them