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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


Been using that reshish site and I have a matlab license but do not have it downloaded currently


Nah I’m just older and I had to google all of this again. :wink:


Thanks man

I’ll take a look when I get back to my dorm :+1:


Can you do differential calculus?



Me walking in the room when you explained it


easy :wink:


For real though integration is almost always more complex


Unless you refer to differential equations


I’d be happy to explain it to you. :wink: I taught intro uni students Maths for an extra buck for some time.


In which case just remember your laplace transforms


No it’s just

I have absolutely no idea what the heck you are talking about


I just finished yr 11 calculus


How old are you tho


I’m 15


So of course you wouldn’t lol


Hence the pizza guy image


I only got this when I started uni.



What is it even used for in real life?


Honestly the only major benefit of college thus far has been the ability to blow thousands of dollars of helium away every week


And here’s me, telling all the smart people (doctors ‘n’ shiz) to shut up and do their mandatory training so our Trust branch of the NHS doesn’t get fined