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Venting Thread (Don't break the rules tho, keep it civil and shit this isn't a place to be all like "hey this guy on the forums really pisses me off" it should be about other shit)


this is a safe for work forum




Check in to see there 130 new replies in this thread

“I guess people is really having a hard time with their life!”

Proceed to look at incels and nice guy TM discussion


Yeah, idk how this became talking about incel, but it did.


insanity join homestuck fm we need one more


Check your eye sight.




Final post before I go on the project lands


Why are relationships so stressful?

Thats a better question


I dunno I don’t find relationships stressful
Though my friends say I’m getting airheaded.



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Relationships are another entire thing to deal with.


I mean online relationships do suck when you have feelings for your partner and someone else you know irl


love triangle





I broke up with my ex for a decent reason.

I feel like I shouldnt be questioning who I want to be with if I am in a relationship.

I never want it to a point where I cheat.


cursed pug

pls bully me I have sinned


“Do not fill above rim.”




That is actually more common than you think
Just get the principle that no one chooses their sexuality because they can’t choose who they like
You also can’t control when
It only turns you into the wrong one when you do something that betrays your compromisse in the relationship, like flirting or idk