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Vengeful Lovers (Turbo Mafia) (7/8) (canned but moving to a new game)


I never do this, hence why I might come across as emotionless sometimes? :thinking:


Idea to salvage this actually


It’s your game.

I’m suposed to teach you the reasoning so you can create own balanced setups, not create ones for you.


The FM is dead!


What if I made it so Lovers just knew they were one but not who each other are

That fixes the whole problem @astand


What makes that different from Citizen “B”?

Oh right, you both die upon death.


Somewhat like a named citizen


It’s hard to make this balanced when turbos can’t fill 16 people tbh


So what’s stopping both lovers from claiming D1 and making it the same as earlier? Mafia can CC, but then either ccing mafia is lynched, killing lovers by vengeance, or lovers are lynched, with next ccing mafia being lynched. Same result. And after that it’s 1 vs 5, 4 mislynches needed.

And if there is no cc, lovers are above lynching, and mafia needs to mislynch every single vanilla town…


If they claim day one then mafia kill them when lynched and they try lynching the vanilia towns


@NuclearBurrito how’s this


this setup is doomed to fail without 16 players tbh I could make it balanced then but not with 9 players


How about just making this 8 players for a total of 3 mislynchs?




Blue. Now’s your chance for redemption.


nerbins plz


Vengeful town absolutely shouldn’t know they are vengeful.


That just makes them IC.


okay guys I have a better idea that eevee gave me

[color=green]Vanilla Town[color]

All you have is your vote

Vengeful Town

If you ever die you can choose someone to kill right away.


You are both lovers. You share this class card as your chat.


wait I didn’t copy it right hold on