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Vengeful Lovers (Turbo Mafia) (7/8) (canned but moving to a new game)


You shouldn’t add a night kill to begin with. It’s scumsided af with a nightkill.


Me right now


Do I just give both mafia vengeful and don’t make a nightkill


Met, why did you ping me? I already joined the game


Vanilla Town

All you have is your vote

Vanilia Town (Hidden Vengeful)

All you have is your vote. (If you die choose someone to kill)


You are a lover, you do not know who your other lover is. If you die they die.

These are the cards btw


I could theoretically make it so the vengeful town does not know they are vengeful


So if 1st dead mafia doesn’t hit the lovers, mafia autoloses, right?
And even if lovers claim, it looks like mafia would need 4 mislynches to win.


How about making it 8 players and making the vengeful town not know they are vengeful


Also thinking of letting mafia trade their vengeful status for a day vig shot


maybe they could gain one shot if they are the only one left?


Day vig shot is better than vengeful status in all cases, why wouldn’t you do that trade.


maybe just get the shot if you are the last one Alive


I think this needs can for today and some more work, to be honest.




fine sighs


I mean, that’s just what I said… Sorry.


It’s not like I’m authority on balance or anything.


Now I feel bad.


most times I show emotion in posts I fake it

I don’t really care tbh


Nuuuhhh Astand why u do dis? :cry: