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Vengeful Lovers (Turbo Mafia) (7/8) (canned but moving to a new game)



/john cena




Looks townsided.


until you count for the fact that lovers both dying leads to 2 dead town


But only way lovers die is if mafia suicides.


I can fix this hold on


Dammit I can’t uh hold on


I think I fixed it







i never join these because the commitment scares me


it’s probably going to be less then a hour of your life


since it’s turbo


okay /join




Hey @Firekitten “Vengeful Suicidal Bomber Mafia” why like this?

Vengful alone would be enough. I can’t find any resonable reason to add suicide bomber.


Originally was meant to kill the lovers but then Astand made a point about mafia having to kill one of their own


Mafia has night kill tho.

So only DESIGN reason to kill lovers is if during a day it would be 3 vs 2 to insta-reach parity.

But then it’s already won game anyway, cause they can kill lovers at night and same result.


I literaly don’t see a point.


Yeah I switched it to having a night kill to compensate for that and forgot to switch the suciide part