V2.4 BETA Patch Notes


Paused for 2.3b:


*Beta/Testing: These notes may change. Beta can be expected to be within the next few days.



Class Notable Changes / Fixes / Balance

  • Observer’s “Follow” now [finally] works properly. Mini devblog below.
  • Fixed exploits that allowed for multiple uses (or allowed use of both abilities) in a single phase from, eg, the Reaper (although, with Reaper, we may add it back, one day, as a feature instead of a bug ʘ‿ʘ).
  • Classes and abilities are now templated (read: more consistency, easier to catch/fix broken things).
  • Fixed exploits that involved spamming multi-target buttons fast to allow for abnormal targeting.
  • When converted, players will now “finish” their ability (eg, you’ll get feedback).

Tryphon: The infamous “Obs Bug”

"Awkward… turns out the bug was a thing as long as the game was a thing. Wasted a lot of time trying to find the cause of the bug due to the unreadable code left behind by a previous dev.

Fixed it, regardless: Needless to say, I was kinda mad when I realized it was just 4 lines of code missing…" --Tryph

Minor Class Improvements/Fixes

  • Massive back-end revamp for the way abilities work and how classes spawn (+efficiency, scalability, localized, easily debugged).
  • Fixed a 2~3 abilities that had the generic click instead of ability sfx - including tutorial. If anyone finds more MIA, please inform Xblade :slight_smile:
  • Mental Blur abil now also has recipient sfx.
  • Follow’s feedback now shows ‘X visited target’ ‘target visited Y’. (Suggested by scaremenow#6642)
  • Heathens are now called Heretics. (Suggested by Urge To Purge#4028)
  • Shield and Scout are removed from dead players. The Mercenary/Sheriff will also be notified.

Class Icon Changes

Some icons were updated (and more will be updated in future patches):

  • Marshal “Probe” ability icon changed! It’s always better.
  • Physician/Herbalist “Remedy Studies” ability icon has been changed (so it no longer 1:1 dupes “Inoculate”).
  • Physician “Inoculate” ability icon changed to better match “Remedy Studies”, and to be more creative than a different-hued similar icon.
  • Duchess “Dark Wisp” icon is now more vivid, but still… dark. Think Avatar.
  • Drunk/Alcoholic “Happy Hour” changed from an orange tsunami wave to a happy cold brew (not to be confused with coldbrew, the coffee, which powers me daily).
  • Drunk/Alcoholic “I Am The Liquor” passive changed from a muscle flex to ale within an ornate, ivory tusk.
  • Ritualist’s “Will of Mithras” icon was changed (it was matching a Mastermind abil).
  • “Snoop” journals now have a purple hue to them and moved to the top-left so it doesn’t block chat.

Class Card Fixes

  • In-game ability system back-end has been revamped: Class cards are now sync’d to in-game abilities. Eg, hovering over an abil should now show whatever you see in the class cards - always.
  • Class card full descriptions for “Link Minds” and “Conduit” now explicitly mention that the King cannot be targeted. (Suggested by DMS405#5739)
  • Fixed a couple class cards that had hover descriptions inadvertently swapped with full descriptions.
  • Made a class card yellow memo for Mastermind’s “Foresight” abil to mention it can be framed (and that a bug fix will come soon).
  • Clarified in the Fool’s class card “Deceive” abil that you will make yourself framed “to the Blue Dragon” tonight (opposed to anyone, which was incorrect).

More Quality of Life

  • Upgraded to the next-gen of Unity engine: Notably for a performance boost where one can easily see the difference!
  • Trials are now also announced in chat. (Suggested by physiX#5062)
  • King is now be the one to execute if they decide fate. (Suggested by DJLaserz#2013)
  • Deathnotes/logs you’re looking at no longer hide during death recap. (Suggested by Picturesque#7756)
  • Added reminder that leaving games while alive is punishable when trying to leave a game. (Suggested by Mercy#3489)
  • Unlimited emote uses. (Inspired by Kapejek#1379)
  • Players that have left will be displayed darker in the playerlist. Reaped players will not show this change to prevent metagaming. (Inspired by Mercy#3489)
  • That “high-pitched hover sfx” for smaller buttons have been adjusted to be better for your ears. (thx Clean_And_Blue#1380).
  • Config window now removed upon launching. (Suggested by Mercy#3489)
  • Include IGNs in post-game chat. (Inspired by Resmik#3987)
  • Day number will now be yellow instead of red if the player dies during the day. (Suggested NuclearBurrito#4437)
  • Banned players now killed upon being banned. (Suggested by zarthus#3972)
  • A secret feature Tryph worked on that we’ll announce later.
  • Tutorial confirmation popup now shows the estimated time to complete (~6 mins).
  • Better-formatted ability hover descriptions for the OCD :wink:
  • Removed the redundant “Title” or “Avatar” header names for titles/avatars.
  • Better avatar cropping/placement in the lobby.
  • Player on trial now highlighted. (Suggested by Kapejek#1379)
  • There is now an indication in post game, if the player has left during the game. (Suggested by Kapejek#1379)

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Nightwatch’s “Watch Carefully” abil to reveal the class name in a styled faction color for consistency with other abilities instead of a “boring orange” (thx Kapejek#1379).
  • Physician’s n2 “Self Care” ability was missing sfx, now added in.
  • With 2-target abilities, selecting only 1 of the 2 targets will no longer show the ability as “active” (that teal background).
  • Fixed some “random” hover and click sfx when targeting window is open and not hovering/clicking over an actual target button.
  • Cancelling an ability will no longer play the ability sfx again.
  • Fixed a few targeting exploits, mostly for abilities with 2 targets.
  • Seeker’s “Identify” ability was showing as the old “Reveal” name in the class cards (only): This was sync’d back to “Identify”.
  • Settings “Graphics Preset” will now initialize higher than “Lowest” (usually if you restarted, it’d reset).
  • Class cards will no longer show placeholders on first class list hover.
  • Class card main class descriptions can now click on underlined glossary terms.
  • Fixed several misc typos, including 3 instances of “Asssassin” instead of “Assassin”.
  • “Settings” for Texture will no longer permanently show “Normal” (was just a visual bug).
  • Fixed a rare bug that wouldn’t play self-cast sfx for 2nd day abilities.
  • Misc tutorial fixes, mostly to do with targeting, UI alignment, and incorrect feedback.
  • Minor improvements to anti-hack techniques and shutdown a few exploits that allowed people with way too much time to annoy players. Not perfect: Waiting on our two 3rd-party service providers for their own sec updates (reported and following up).
  • Fixed the status text on emote customizations (informing about errors, etc) that wasn’t showing.


  • Upgraded to Unity 2019, utilizing the new experimental Garbage Collection (GC); this means better performance/optimization! I can definitely notice a difference.
  • Optimized a variety of coroutines (things that repeat over and over) and turned off useless logs that aren’t errors to improve performance.


  • Fixed the buggy toggle between EN<>中文
  • In-game hover abilities are now localized. There’s still a lot to be done, but this should greatly help!
  • In-game now has a bunch of new localizations in the UI.
  • A great deal of dynamic text has been localized.
  • Tons of corrections - thanks for the community effort!

Known New Bugs

  • There’s currently a bug with our text engine in Unity 2019.1: We’re currently using a workaround, which may sometimes cause extra line breaks if your chat is shrunk small. However, you probably won’t notice this. Unity says they’ll have a fix very soon.
  • Something is weird with the main archway textures: No point in delaying the patch for just this. I’ll hotfix it later.

2 Devs Join the Team!

To those that don’t look at Discord often, you may have missed the news:

  • Welcome our new Jr. Dev (who started this patch), TryphonX (part-time)! He’s already contributed a great deal this patch and has been a mod since the beginning before this~
  • Welcome our new Technical 3D Artist, Vini (part-time)! …Who has been revamping the graphics of the game (from the ground-up) and it looks absolutely incredible… but we can’t show you yet :wink: we’ll leak some goodies to Discord when we get a full scene ready to show. We made sure to keep the scope reasonable so it won’t take too long to deliver.

Dev Note

I essentially rewrote 20% of the game’s back-end: There will be bugs: Future patches won’t be as lengthy now that we have scalability. While there’s still more to scale (anything to do with “Gossip” and messaging type abilities), the hardest part is done - I’m going to take a scalability break :slight_smile:


Yep, we’re almost ready! Keep an eye on Discord for event date info.


Worth mentioning, if you ever connection experience issues, type “.status” in our Discord’s #bot-spam channel to see if any module is experiencing an outage in realtime.


Changes Since Initial Post

  • When converted, players will now “finish” their ability (eg, you’ll get feedback).

Read this far?

Greetings, from passionate dev to passionate player: Have you reviewed, yet? https://toli.es/review





Merc SG/Shield cant target king, that might help putting that in the class card if its not done already.


But why fix Follow when you can nerf it

Seems like a good bit of qol changes which is great. I cant wait for the new graphics this new dev is bringing. Also hope you guys get to expanding the class list with more classes sometime soon to spruce the gameplay up a bit, but I know that’s complicated and other fixes have priority atm. Keep up the work, wanna see this grow

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Because whatever the nerfed version is would presumably have the same bug thus requiring them to fix it anyways

Marshal “Probe” ability icon changed! It’s always better.

Been waiting for this!

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Just need to remove pretender and it’s a home run

so,less player?

I don’t think there was much Mac/Linux players constantly online anyway

still,less players tho

about 10 less players that may or may not still be active - yes. Our Linux Mac pop is extremely low BUT some of them have like 1000 thousand hours into the game.

We may be able to bring Linux back in the future but probably not Mac. They have too many restrictions and annoyances to make it happen as a Windows dev.

big rip. Any chance that support for them will come back?

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I am one of the Mac nerds :frowning:

I’ll probably migrate to windows soon anyways, but still a sad time



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