V2.3b: Mini Security Patch

Taking a step back from v2.4 –

Now that Mac/Linux has been sunset (Apologies folks :cry: but it allowed this hotfix to happen):

We had some annoying hacker games, lately: This was introduced by a vulnerability caused by our 3rd-party server. Luckily, they worked hard to deliver us a quick patch :smiley: while we can’t stop all hacks, we’ll try our best to secure them where we can.

v2.3.0b (LIVE)

  1. Vulnerability fixes.
  2. More vulnerability fixes.
  3. Removed Streamer Mode (this was broken for so long).
  4. Support for Halloween (Moon Festival) part 1 event - new Halloween/Anniversary (II) items can come next patch for pt2.
  5. Now using Unity 2019 (from 2018)
  6. Support for the new experimental Garbage Collection system with Unity 2019: Fast+Efficient.


Windows (64-bit) Only

New Runtime Requirement

Visual C++ Redist 2012

^ Most should already have this. I also asked Steam to include this now. If you get stuck @ login, try this link manually. And no, I don’t use VS2012 :stuck_out_tongue: 3rd-party lib.

Possible Bugs

  • We’re testing a downgraded version of our text engine to avoid the Unity 2019 bug we saw on the v2.4 test realm: Hopefully this goes away. The Unity dev for this is working on a fix as we speak, but I’m impatient :slight_smile:

That’s it!

Coming soon to #test-realm in Discord!

We’ll get back to v2.4 shortly after.


isn’t this 2.3b or something?

Cuz 2.3 is just the live patch and calling this patch 2.3 is confusing.

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Oops typo: Yes, 2.3b. Updated the posts.

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I’m just hoping 2.4 is out by Halloween of course major code changes can lead to bugs so I understad take your time xblade keep up the great work

Now live!

We enabled Halloween ~ but last year’s Halloween. We’re calling it part 1. Part 2 will arrive in 2.4 with a few extra titles/avatars. There’s 1 avatar in particular I think will be popular :slight_smile: Adiart’s really good. The titles were community-submitted and chose the best ones.

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yay I was getting tired of having every item in the game (even both gold armours).
I have too much money saved up