Use for Private Notes?

What do you guys use Private Notes for? Does a specific class benefit from them?

I’ve been playing for a bit and I seldom use it. The only time I use it is if I find Prince early and want to remember without revealing them. What should I use it for?

When it’s a poss game and you need to hide ur logs (for when poss jumps you they have no claim/logs) but you don’t want to delete them just in case ur upped.

this is mainly what i used it for i don’t know if its changed since i haven’t played in a while


That’s actually pretty good. Can’t count how many times I’ve jumped and the guy had terrible logs lmao.

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I mostly use it when I’m evil – I don’t want to give BD extra information from my logs when I die or get executed, but I still want to be able to keep track of my fake logs and claims list


Private notes shouldn’t exist imo

Or if they exist, allow possessor to have access to private notes

I write lewd TOL fanfic in my private notes but i don’t see that helping most