Updated Acolyte - Cult Killer


Cult Killer

Passive 1: Dark Barrier - Immune to death once
Passive 2: Blood Ritual - Gain a use of all of your abilities when a cult member dies for any reason

Day Ability: Judgement - Bleed target player. Can only target players that the Cult Leader failed to Kill or Convert (1 use)

Night Ability 1: Curse - Target player cannot be healed and attacks on them bypass death immunity tonight (2 uses)
Night Ability 2: Revenge - Kill target player that voted to execute a Cult member. (0 uses)


So what if the CL was occupied or redirected? That would technically count as failing to convert or kill their original target.


That kinda seems OP if you have a ritualist and you want to confirm yourself as a hunterby bleeding people that the Cl just so happened to fail to convert

How so? Seems par for the course that a convert can fake their initial class

Then how about Knight? How can it fake being a knight?

By claiming Knight and having fake logs. You don’t need any ability’s in order to fake knight.

But just in case Revenge can be used on a neutral in order to fake a CS if the CL can’t for some reason

Can revenge be used on cult members?

No but you can have the CL use sacrafice if you need to fake it

Sacrafice is like suicide, doesn’t leave a deathnote.

Even if it did, it would be obvious that something is wrong

It doesn’t?

Oh well, A ritualist would do the trick then.

Either way it’s an incredibly niche use for the ability. It would mostly just be used to Kill BD in order to make up for losses from dead cultists

Is this converted from the Killer classes?

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Yup. Knight and Hunter