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Update broke my game


I cannot play after the latest update.
‘Game Update Required > > v. 1.1.0g’

Says i’m running 1.1.1 in the bottom left. I even reinstalled.

I also didn’t see a template, that the guidelines say should be provided when posting in the support section.


Try this:

And then wait for it to update again. Once done, start the game and see if you can play.

Update 1.1.1 was reverted to 1.1.0g, so you should be able to once you do this.


I should have mentioned that I did that, before I uninstalled. :confused:

verified the files of the reinstalled version. Seemed to revert to 1.1.0g this time.


Please do so again in that case, as I assume you did that before the patch was reverted.


Was our fault - we’re on it. Sorry about that! We didn’t realize what we did until after it was already up~