Ultimate Life Game

The continuity of life means there is no death.

There is no rule. Yet.

Rule 1: Type /join to join

Player List:

  1. Shurian
  2. H_Hjasik

Its too bad Marl isn’t here anymore. So who hath the balls to take his place?

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Life is good. Life is nice.

Life is life.



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@Shurian @H_Hja

Player list is filled.

Rule 2: Type /_____ to submit action

Shurian and Hjasik are in a room


A bottle rolls at the far south

/Pray to the ceiling and ask for water

/look around

@H_Hja @Shurian

There is a writing on the ceiling

There is water in bottle

Hjasik sees a bottle to the South. Hjasik sees a writing on the ceiling.


a roll of bread falls to the south

/look around, fueled by need of water

/move to south?


Shurian looks for water. He sees water in thr bottle. He sees no other water.

Hjasik moves south. Hjasik is at South.

Shurian is at Center.
Hjasik is at South. Roll of bread is at South. Bottle of water is at South.


a glass bottle falls at West.

(I dunno why but i must have pressed the wrong button aaa)

/take bread and water at south

(You taking one on west?)

(No, me rush to your bottle there, cause im a simple man. I see water, I take)


Hjasik takes bread. Hkasik takes bottle of water.
Shurian rushes Hjasik. Shurian wants Hjasik’s bottle of water. Shurian tries to take it without asking Hjasik’s permission.

what will Hjasik do?

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/falls onto knees and begs for water

Neeed Water
(Posting action because imma sleep now)

/gives shurian little water to drink


Hjasik gives Shurian water.

someone, somewhere, approves of this generosity.

there is a glass bottle on the west

a shovel appears on the Center

Hjasik: Has a bottle of water. Has bread.