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Ultimate Death Game [Game V: The End]


applies for you too, wolfy


“Look his accomplice tried to kill you I had a gut feeling that they would do it so tell me what should I have done I am gonna protect ya if you help me here”


which is more likely to be truthful
someone who wants as many people as possible to be alive, or someone who wants to be the only one alive


“Uhem the one who has an accomplice who wants to kill all with his accomplice I knew that you guys were gonna try and kill us all now help me here and I help you”


The person who tries to keep people from dying, or the person trying to kill people
And plus, I’m saying that if it comes down to it I’ll sacrifice myself for them if they don’t kill me


What lengths will you go to?


Absolute protection and I will make them a deity along with em.


Let’s revive this. BUMP