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Ultimate Death Game [Game V: The End]


(eh i can see where kitty/dama is coming from, i thought that was referring to the timing of when you stabbed joker)


kill him. because im not


No. I was already there. Check previous actions


But armor is east


(Nah your first action is stabbing Joker which require you to go where he is so you dont get the armour)


/tried to unlocked chest with key
“atleast give me something good before i die!!”


/Scream at the cat. Whack the whip at MtheJoker’s direction…

“Ow! That hurt! How dare you! OUT OF THE WAY”


(Inb4 the cat killed Shurian)


@Wolfy we have 1 hour left. stab him
/re-pin strangle


/stand up


/stab strangle


/Break out of the pin and roll away from them " @MtheJoker OI NEED SOME HELP HERE"


/Shoot Simon instead


@Boss110 You there? You gotta look here if not I am very sure you will die :3

EDIT: I’m dumb ignore this shit.


@MtheJoker the only reason im pinning strangle/want him dead is that he tries to kill other people.
we can all win if we agree to not fight, the objective has changed.
please either convince strangle to not fight or shoot him. i have no beef from him now, and i will protect you if do wither of these things


Im ded anyways


i mean how?


oh wait.
nevermind, wolfy’s strangle’s and m’s actions were more than 24 hrs after dama’s post, and were too late @Damafaud


He allowed it before. Might again


eh, regardless the offer of mine still stands @MtheJoker, help me keep the most people alive and i shall protect you (i.e. sacrificing myself if necessary)