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Ultimate Death Game [Game V: The End]


Yeah thought so aswell but that’s a little unfair for the first person to do something


(Ooh what’s this?Interesting…)


/Prepare for a counter against simons next move

“Oi! Seems like you need some help well I can help you against that infidel if you can get this one off me and then I might make you a god along with me. Sound good?”


/Run to north, Ignore shurian and tried to unlocked chest with key

“get out of my way!! i am going to open legendary weapon!!”


You know you will get shot right?


@Wolfy are you bot going to help here?
/keep pinning strangle, but be ready to roll away if need be


I can’t at the moment because I already made my move, but next move I should be able to. Just head towards me for your next move. You may not trust me, but you have to, ok?


im for and only for the survival of the most amount of people
if you kill anyone who has not attempted to kill more than once, you are against that


I can!


(You can change btw)


Then ill /Run north and shoot @Boss110 if he comes close to the chest

Hand me the key or I’ll shoot you!


(Wait we can? Oh well)
/Do a kind of roll sideways and then pin him
“Your own move against you”




@Boss110 @Simon @Shurian @Strangle @Nerbins @MtheJoker

Nerbins sits down further.

Shurian runs North. Shurian snuggles the cat. The cat is mad. The cat bites Shurian. Shurian is in slight pain. The cat runs to the West.

Joker runs North. Boss runs North. Wolfy runs North. Joker shoots Boss. Boss is in a lot of pain. Wolfy stabs Joker. Joker is in a lot of pain.

Simon tries to keep pinning Strangle. Strangle breaks away. Simon breaks away.


Boss: In a lot of pain. Key-holding.
Joker: In a lot of pain. One bullets loaded gun-wielding.
Nerbins: In no pain. Sitting further.
Shurian: In slight pain. Whip-wielding.
Simon: In no pain.
Strangle: In slight pain.
Wolfy: In slight pain. Knife-wielding.


West: Cat
East: Armour
Centre: Strangle, Sitting Nerbins, Simon
North: Chest, Knife-wielding Wolfy, Whip-wielding Shurian, Key-holding Boss, Gun-wielding Joker
South: -


Run east and grab the armor


@Wolfy help me with strangle


Dama, I think i ahould have gotten the armour


Yeah Dama, I still technically should have it despite actions changing


And sure. Your safetys guaranteed after things have been sorted out. Just need to wait and see quickly whats going on


But you ran north to stab me so you weren’t by the armor anymore