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Ultimate Death Game [Game V: The End]


MEh, sounds good enough to me still.


/Dodge wolfy’s attack “Someone who wants to fight back finally!”


/run and grab the bullets
“Just let be me! The more trouble you give me, the more likely it is you’ll be the first to get shot!”


@Boss110 we need you to fend off when

I suggest dodge rolling (/going into a run if necessary) toward west, so you hopefully either get the bullets or crash into wham, stopping him


/dodge nerbin (first) and tried to stop wham (kick him in the leg?) (if possible)

“why do i need to do everything?!?”


(I’m sawwry. :-: I thought you were inactive. )


man you gotta be specific.
it gives you a higher chance of success, as its possible that what you do would just work if done a certain way, but if you give it vague, then you lose control of that


Meanwhile no one actually read the objective.
I suppose thats why people are killing each other for no reason


I didn’t either, but that has been my objective this entire time


(wait what?)


(in the round start it said the objective was to survive)
(for most of the game I’ve been focused on not fighting)


(then lemme get my bullets and don’t mess w/ me >:( )


(no? Bullets are anti survival)


@Boss110 @Simon @Shurian @Strangle @Whammerist @Nerbins

Wolfy stands up. Wolfy tries to stab Strangle. Strangle dodges.

Simon waits for Shurian. Shurian runs South. Simon runs South.*

Wham runs West. Boss chases Wham. Nerbins tries to snap Boss’ neck. Boss dodges. Wham grabs the bullets


An iron key falls to the East.


Boss: In no pain.
Nerbins: In no pain.
Shurian: In no pain.
Simon: In no pain.
Strangle: In no pain.
Wham: In no pain. Gun-wielding. Two Bullets-holding
Wolfy: In slight pain. Knife-wielding.


West: Gun-wielding, Two Bullets-holding Wham
East: Key
Centre: Strangle, Knife-wielding Wolfy
North: -
NorthWest: Boss, Nerbins.
South: Whip, Shurian, Simon.


/slap the gun out of wham’s hand


“A key? I don’t think that’s good.”

/Move slowly towards centre


Why won’t you just die already?!?!?

/punch strangle
(This is why 3v1 would have been so much better)


(I can help.)


(Grab him and hold him down if you can. The next go, we might be able to stop him for good)


(Or if he’s inactive, I snap his neck.)