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Ultimate Death Game [Game V: The End]


/run alongside @Shurian and be alert for both of us, pushing him out of the way if necessary


Hey. Dont be indecisive. Push or no push. Just do it.


I was never going to go for you guys. I trust you more than Strangle. I will not attck you till rhe end, but one of yiuse really should have run to pick up the bullets to stop Wham!


I already killed a mod.


@Boss110 could you please pick up bullets?

wolfy, would you be fine starting an overall as little combat as possible alliance with me?

(i say it that way because some combat is necessary to stop more combat)


I’m willing to trust you. Aside from Wham being thr biggest threat, stangle is mine. You help me take him down, then I’ll leave you well alone till all threats are gone. Deal?


Who’s neck should I snap next?


If you help me and simon with strangle, you have my word I’ll leave you alone till the end.


But I want to snap a neckle! Who’s should I snap?! TELL ME BEFORE I SNAP!!!
But yeah, truce.




whos neck i snap


strangle apparently


but strangles gettin stabbed


snap kitty’s neck then


/snap Boss’s neck


nu we need him


to get the bullets


( It would have been better with 3 against 1)


(Well Strangle’s fucked either way.)


im going for more of a stay out of your way, keep you from being prevented sort of helping