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Ultimate Death Game [Game V: The End]


The game only has one ending: Death

Ultimate Death Game V: The End

Rule 1 : Type /Join to join.
Rule 2: Type /____ to submit action_
Rule 3: One may obtain an item of their choosing(Knife/Helmet/Gun)in front of them before the start of the round.
Rule 4: Players need to submit actions within 24 hours or assumed to sit down as an action.
Rule 5: All posts must include something said in character in quotation marks below the action.

Player list

  1. Whammerist
  2. Simon
  3. Strangle
  4. Wolfy
  5. CaptainNerbins
  6. Shurian
  7. Boss110
  8. Marluxion


/join as a wolf

You should have got me to be the wolf instead of Marl Dama…

Can I be one now?

(I’m joining this game as it doesn’t require too much to do while doing the tournament)


/join Oh yeah fam!


Nah. Marl has a title that let him be a wolf.


I had one too! I am not using it now tho :3


But I wanna be one :sob:

The many times I wanted to join but I couldn’t was ciz timezones Dama…

Meanie :sob:


Hey on a bright note you are in this one.

The craziest one of all five and the one with most chaos.



Meanie… :pouting_cat:

Does the colour not matter to you on the tournament server?!?! I thought this made us friends



Now everyone shall feel my wrath /Join as the person to be the survivor and new reaper.


I can’t believe you made me resort to this Dama :pouting_cat:


Fools I shall overthrow death and become a deity.


First I kill all of you then I shall end death and take his place as a deity.












@Wolfy @Marluxion @Boss110 @Simon @Shurian @Strangle @Whammerist

Sign un has been closed. Requirement fulfilled.
Quirk removed: Arena
Quirk removed: Setting
Quirk removed: Terrain

Rule removed: Rule 3
Rule removed: Rule 5

Boss, Marl, Shurian, Simon, Strangle, Wham, and Wolf stand in the middle of a room.

"Heyo! This is Kitty, who will be your host for this game! Dama is replaced for some internal reason. I have twisted the rule a bit to turn this back to the classic.

“Guys! I’m still-” static noise

Did I miss anything? Oh right.

Titles inactivated

The objective this time is to survive. Good luck, Souls!


A knife falls to the west

Feature added: Map


Boss: In no pain
Marl: In no pain
Shurian: In no pain
Simon: In no pain
Strangle: In no pain
Wham: In no pain
Wolf: In no pain


North: Nothing
Centre: Everyone is here.
South: Nothing
West: A knife is here.
East: Nothing


/run to the west and pick up the knife

“There is no way I’m going to die down here!”


(Welp, I messed that up realising the fifth rule was about quotes XD. Oh well)