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Ultimate Death Game [Game V: The End]


(You- Souls should not ask questions.)


Whoever wins I would like to request that you add the following rule:
If a player dies due to a rule the other remaining living players may vote to revive them. If the majority agree that person is revived for that round of actions.this can only be done a maximum of 2 times per player (the one revived) per round


/Maul Nerbins
“no u”


(And we’re both dead.)


Idea promptly considered and rejected :thinking:


it depends on the players so if it was fair then they can bring them back to give them a fair chance


because memes


Hiya Dama


@Marluxion @Insanity

Nerbins runs west. Nerbins grabs the morning star. Nerbins has performed two actions. Nerbins dies.

Insanity runs west. Insanity stabs Nerbins. Insanity has performed two actions. Insanity has died.

Marl runs west. Marl mauls Nerbins. Marl has performed two actions. Marl has died.

Everyone has died.

This game only has one ending: Death.

No one has survived. Game 5 will start soon.



…okay that was a stupid end.


I already grabbed the morning star.




The morning star, located in the west.


So I wasn’t specific enough?


You have performed two actions: Running west and taking the morning star.

Which is a stupid rule by the way. Just because you want a game to end, there’s no need to enforce stupid rules.

This game only has one end: Death. Death rules this game.

…whatever. @Nerbins @Marluxion @Insanity sorry for how Death ends the game. I’ll persuade him to make the next game better.


Okay. You offered an explanation for it. That is good. Thank you mister cat.


nerbins, i may or may not be able to get you that win as soon as the next game starts


im abusing the vagueness in my title


All hail my action!
/take one step towards MonkaS