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Ultimate Death Game [Game V: The End]


This game has only one ending: Death.

There is no rules. Yet.

Rule 1 : Type /Join to join.
Rule 2: Type /____ to submit action_
Rule 3: One may obtain an item of their choosing(Knife/Helmet/Gun)in front of them before the start of the round.
Rule 4: Players need to submit actions within 24 hours or assumed to sit down as an action.
Rule 5: All posts must include something said in character in quotation marks below the action.

Player list

Death Game II: Three Fighters
Death Game III: Against the Beast
Death Game IV: Battle Royale
Death Game V: The End

Timeline of Forum

sign me up for some death


This has to be a joke right…





Player list is filled.

Rule 2: Type /_____ to submit action


Marluxion and Shurian is in a room.


A knife drops at the far south.


/Kill Shurian with the knife


/kick Marl



Marl runs for the knife, but Shurian kicks him. Marl is in pain.


A gun falls at the far north.


/runs towards the gun


/continue running for the knife, still in pain


Shurian gets the gun. Marl gets the knife. Marl is no longer in pain.


A metal pipe falls at the center of the room.


/walk towards the metal pipe, aiming the gun at Marl


/run towards Shurian with the knife



Shurian is halfway toward pipe. Marl passes the pipe. A quarter way from pipe, there is only 1 meter between Marl and Shurian.


something goes. Nothing falls.


/shoot at Marl’s left hip, and throw the gun at his head.


Since i am actually a god
/Slice the bullet in midair with the knife


Shurian presses the trigger. Marl takes a stance.


The gun is empty. Marl slashes the empty air. Shurian throws the gun at Marl’s head. Marl’s left eye and temple is hit by a gun. Marl is in pain. The gun is next to the pipe.

Clink clink clink clink clink clink

Six bullets fall down to the west of the room.


/run past Marl’s right, towards the pipe and grab it


Blood coming from my temple,
/Intersect between Shurian and the pipe, stabbing at Shurian with the knife