Two things that could use a change

I’ve been playing the game for a while and I have things in the game I really don’t think it is the way it’s supposed to work. Let me list them out.

1. King
Players are overly obsessed with the “point meta”, which basically doesn’t help the game and just bring a major annoyance to me whenever I play as king.

Example: I was BD king and I asked people on D1 to share their findings with me in whispers on D2. On the second day, I indeed got several whispers with useful information which I needed some time to process, in the meantime people got suspicious at me for not pointing randomly and even got executed that day, even though I clearly stated I was busy on working something out with the info I got.

Idea for change: Have the Royal Finger disabled for the first few days, since it doesn’t help anyone much (or at all) early on. Decide Fate should still be active, however, which I think it would encourage players not to vote up anyone early without evidence.

2. Pretender
The so-called pretender that doesn’t need to pretend to win, you start out as a buffed Princess and you can just publicly claim Pretender with basically zero negative consequences and achieve victory.

I don’t think I need an example, everyone who has played the game enough will know.

I do not have an idea on how to fix this at this time, but I’d like to see it change (for the better).

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Just have the second vote be a passive


we really need a reaction image that says “the reason it’s called Pretender is because it’s a Pretender to the Throne, not because it pretends to be things, good grief” tbh

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also, what Orange said. :^)

The real problem with Pretender is because the desgin space of the King Election is unexploited as of the moment. This has been noted for my Great Egotistical Rework™

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That would doom some potential Possessor plays.

just make the passive inherent to having the crown next to your name.


Would all votes count twice or the first one?

Better question. What about 2v1s?

And no. Simply having the passive be disabled by DF is not enough since you still have to resolve the 1v1 somehow. EK vs 2 BD is the main problem here.

Potential solution would be to have DF exe not just disable the passive but also make the first vote against you the next day count twice.

It would only matter in a 1v1 for the most part. So this shouldn’t be huge.

There’s a lot of problems here nuke

Here’s what I’m thinking:


[faction] Special
Passive 1: Tenacity - You are immune to occupy and redirection
Passive 2: Head of state - Your votes count for 2. You may speak during the entirety of trials. Anyone with the crown will have this passive by default.

Day Ability 1: Royal execution - Instantly execute the player on trial. You lose the head of state passive and the next day the you require 1 less vote to be put on trial the first time. (1 use)

Day Ability 2: Veto - Instantly pardon the player on trial (1 use)

The psycho King will instead have:

Day Ability 1: Iron fist - Instantly put target player on trial. This may only be used if you have lost the head of state passive (1 use)

Day ability 2: Decide fate - Instantly decide the fate of the person on trial. If you execute them this way then you lose the head of state passive and the next day the you require 1 less vote to be put on trial the first time. (2 use)

I think you should look at potential lylo scenarios

Just the Ek 2v1.

GK is fucked either way

Psycho king I have a workaround for

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you forgot about the guards

I was thinking about the problems then I realized it didn’t matter anyway

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Because it’s not relevant to what I’m trying to show.

I’m not removing the guards. But since I’m not changing them there’s no need to type out every variation on them.