Twins(BD Social) and Gemini(Unseen Social)

The Twins

BD Social

Identical Clone (3 uses): You and your twins vote during trial count as two.
Copycat(1 use)(Cannot target king): You get a copy at the start of the night of the most recent night ability used by that player. (Doesn’t work for abilities that convert, attack, jail, or self target.)

Perfect Double(2 uses): Create a double of yourself that will die in your place and vote with you DURING trial. (This means if you say exe it will help with that but it won’t help with actually getting the person on trial.)
Twinning(inf use): Choose 2 players. You will be notified if they twin with the other player. (They twin if they share ANYTHING in common.Unique,Convert Immunity,Occupy/Redirect Immunity,Class Type,Faction,Bleeding Immunity,etc.I tried to list everything that could match but I may have missed one or two)

The Gemini

Unseen Offensive

Argonauts: If you become the Assassin, regain a use of 2 for 1 and your attacks will be frenzied.

Star Bathing(3 uses): Same as Identical Clone except will work for Fake Replacement instead of Perfect Double.

Fake Replacement(2 uses): Make a copy of someone that you can control. That player cannot talk or vote. (So basically you control everything that they do.)
Castor & Pollux(3 uses): Strike someone with lightning stunning them. Their chat log gets erased and they cannot activate their abilities until the next day.

Okay so real talk. I just wanted to make a Twin like class. Also, I love Gemini both as a constellation and as a Greek myth. However, I don’t think it turned out too bad and would like to hear some constructive
criticism on how to make these classes more balanced or fit the flavor or twinning more.

My biggest thing would be Argonauts. The passive just seems a bit too powerful in my opinion.

Also, this class is unique, which is funny considering how I should want there to be multiple in a game.
Anyway, have at it.

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Yeah I get that. I honestly LOVE the noble twin ability. But I was struggling with a way to really make this class different. Do you have any suggestions for how I can make this class more unique?

Castor & Pollux is a buffed mental blur

I like Perfect Double and Fake Replacement they seem really cool.