[Turbo] [VFM] Animal Crossing Turbo I: Finale -- Day 3 -- 4/10 -- The Mafia and Gulliver win!

2x Mafia
7x Town
1x Neut (Wincon not publicly known)
(flavour in this game is not indicative of what character flavour will be in ACFM whatsoever).
Flavour is not indicative of alignment and the characters in-game as well as the relationship betwen the two will be randomized here.

  1. JakeTheWolfie
  2. PoisonedSquid
  3. Marshal
  4. katze
  5. Amelia
  6. Ami --> eevee
  7. Sulit
  8. Italy
  9. Magnus
  10. DatBird

This is breakable by massclaim


it’s vfm
is it really

just claim your flavor


flavor claim

just make flavor nai

how to fix

make flavor NAI

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make flavor random

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just have everyone claim their flavor

it forces the wolves to double up with villagers and everyone not doubled up is an IC

pls help

or just don’t post flavor publicly

like rand flavor + alignment seperately

got it sure


now it’s scumsided

but /in

Also I haven’t played AC.

how about this

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