[TURBO] Undertale FM - Pacifist Win

do you think even the worst person can change…?
that everyone can be a good person, if they just try?

The Game follows two Phases;
Day - During the Day Players vote to lynch.
Night - During the Night Players perform ACTions (or fight or whatever)

Players will be of two alignments; Pacifist or Genocide.
Pacifist - Defeat the Genocide aligned players.
Genocide - Kill everyone else.

Further information will be sent out after the Game starts

  1. Luxy = Frisk
  2. KyoDaz Chara
  3. Shurian>Hja = Sans
  4. Marshal Flowey


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It’s 4am for me, but hey

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Ah nice ping

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Interning but yeah my grades shall fall

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Oh stuff it.
I’ll /in.


Yeah I’m going to sleep in 20 minutes sorry

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why not go ahead and /in

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How many people do we want? 5 or more?

I want at least six.

Go for 9 if you can, for it to be balanced


Do you know if anyone is on right now who’d be interested?





Passing out Cards now.

James decided to drop out sadly.
As such, it’s now each alignment as partners.

Day one begins

Majority is 3

So it’s Pacifist v Genocide now?
Don’t Genocide have the upper hand (as they are the scum faction)?

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