[TURBO] UnderTale FM II - Human Victory

UnderTale Turbo Pacifist Vs Genocide

  • Do you think even the worst person can change? That everyone can be a good person, if they just try?
    The Game follows two Phases;
    Day - During the Day players can vote to lynch one of their own. This follows majority.
    Night - During the Night players perform actions.

Players will be of two alignments - which you don’t know yet
Further Information? Pssh nah. In a Magnus game?

Game will start to begin at 2019-10-08T21:30:00Z

  1. James
  2. KyoDaz
  3. Soul
  4. PKR
  5. Sulit

Please Vote for one:

  • Patience (Low Power)
  • Mercy (Balanced)
  • Genocide (Compromised)
  • Bad Time (High Power Insanity)
  • Determination (???)

0 voters

Please choose 1

/in might be late but whatevs

This is fine.

I’d join but I’ve been really busy and it starts while I’m asleep.

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Would you wake soon after?

For me it starts at 23:30.
So, no.

I can’t start it earlier unfortunately.

Yeah, guess I’ll just have to read it later.

I have reason to believe Deternination = bastard.

Starts right when my classes end so I wouldnt be on for like an hour and half

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Since all three of you voted, I presume you’re all playing?

Every single game of mine is Bastard. Why would I have this here?
That was a joke

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You playing Kyo?

Yeah, if it’s starting in 30 minutes.



I expected more than that

Since I gave 12 hour warning.