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[Turbo] Thursday evening turbo (3/7) - Town Win Through Madness


I think I’m getting worse.


Like legitimately my best game in terms of performance was my first game


I think I am staying the same.


Did your first game happen at 3 am?


No, my first game happened…

Mate, you were scum with me in my first game


Was it at 3 am?


Fuck if I remember

It was at all points in the day and night if you wanna get complicated


When did the day start though



I 'unno

When was RM2 day start


45 minutes past midnight


Post still valid


So… any good feedback on this game?

Was it interesting enough?

Was it balanced enough?


It seems balanced

It needs more spice though

Like it’s spicy

But can you make it MOR spicy


Did the aliens know who each other were


Yes, they knew it.


I really should have been punished more for my stupidity

How Town didn’t lose is anyone’s guess


squid got lynched D1 and there was a clear Poe to follow


Only cause Nerbins saved the game.

And only cause aliens didn’t use a single kill.


can town lose if they mislynch d1 and both aliens kill