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[Turbo] Thursday evening turbo (3/7) - Town Win Through Madness


The mark came up again


Folks, you can’t full quote the post above you

It just don’t work


throws multiple tables




You just weren’t vengeful enough


Gamer, what was your reaction when the day-vig failed?


I mean you can guess when I changed the gg to not a gg

Maxi saw it lol


Legit if FK had killed me with that 50% vote, it would’ve been the best thing to happen to town


I basically murdered squid
Made the poe so small
And you hung jim :frowning:


This game had many weird interactions.

FK could post as long as Nerbins was alive.

Multi-cop would get non-alien result on horror, but any other check would show guilty.
(Making it actualy simlar to scum having one godfather wich was… one without this passive.)


It was quite shocking


can you run another one


Not right now bruh

It’s 3:15 in the AMs here




Yep, not gonna host another one rn.




But forreal

Living up to my legacy as the worst town player to ever try


I just hope everyone was having good time among this madness.


honestly still salty about lynching me

like nani???

“let’s lynch confirmed town”

at least my d1 read on wazza was right


If it’s any consolation, I tried to save you.
I think I’m getting better at this game.