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[Turbo] Thursday evening turbo (3/7) - Town Win Through Madness


Wazza, claim?


You’ll see my flip soon.


Just state it.


Be more helpful if you claimed now.
For all you know, I’m bluffing.
Also Gamer what was that about?


It’s the most useless one.


Please tell us then.


State. It. Wazza.


All I can do is vote, and I only have one night action.


it says I can shoot someone but if they don’t die, I will die instead. And then triple votes on 3 different people


And what is that action?


/vote Wazza


Blue, Wazza is guaranteed to die tomorrow.


Huh, how so?


Do you really want my only night action?


I healed them tonight.
They will die tomorrow guaranteed.




Eh, fuck it.

1-Shot Massacre - Shoot a player, they will not flip upon death.

You guessed it, only one use.


It is night?


I’m not using it at all, even if I die tomorrow


That is an incredibly scummy ability, Waz.