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[Turbo] Thursday evening turbo (3/7) - Town Win Through Madness


Oh that explains a lot.


Anyway I was told the game’s non-bastard by eevee

So SOMEONE is Serial Killer.


Cause tbf it did say “your target” and not explicitly “Firekitten is”.


There hasnt been any night kills


Then why is no one dead?


I believe it’s Gamer, even if I’m going to die.


Arsonist from town of salem maybe?


Is fake fruit-vendor bastard?


Fuck if I know

I just know I found a Serial Killer N1

And eevee said they wouldn’t directly lie to me


I would argue against that statement.


There can not be a mafia, SK, and Arsonist in a seven person turbo.


The SK is probably just an average frame result Blue got.


Can anyone someone come out as a redirector please?

if there is one



I selected to try and find SK specifically.


I’m not.
I’m an unsanitary doctor.


I can one-shot find SK, Mafia, Werewolf, Cult, and Alien


Maxi is fruit vendor.
What is everyone else?


There probably isn’t an SK then if it was on choice.


Framer, probably.


I am night vigi who will kill himself on the spot if target isnt dead