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[Turbo] Thursday evening turbo (3/7) - Town Win Through Madness


Please apprecieate how weird and ironical this role is.


Sending night results


Day 3 start

Noone died.


I was roleblocked.

Did someone switch people around N1?


Any information.


ALso Maxi told me they were town.


Vote count:

Voted Voters Number
Nerbins Nerbins -1 / 1.5
Wazza Nerbins -1 / 1.5
Maximus Nerbins -1 / 1.5
Gamer Nerbins -1 / 1.5
Blue 0 / 2.5


Considering Blue said that FireKitten was SK I believe that we have a person who can frame results.



me telling ppl they’re town roleblocks them btw



You are guaranteed to die in the next day phase.




Supposedly so

I was unable to see whether or not Nerbins was a Werewolf.


oh, makes sense


The 3 W’s:
Wait, what, why?

I’m fine with it but why?


Me, Gamer, and Blue all voted Squid.
And Maxi is a fruit vendor.
Wazza. Sorry man.


I was about to vote Squid but I wanted the VC to pop up first.


Also FK voted you before they died.


What the fuck, why did it do that?


Quick edit changed to non quick edit


You full quoted the post above.