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[Turbo] Thursday evening turbo (3/7) - Town Win Through Madness

  • Type - Turbo
  • Bastard - No
  • Setup - Closed
  • Players - 9 would be cool. I can live with 7 tho.

Any questions?

It will start in around 2 hours from now, or earlier if it fills.


  1. Firekitten
  2. Wazza
  3. PoisonedSquid
  4. Maximus
  5. BlueStorn
  6. Nerbins
  7. GamerPoke




This game mode will be using weird, unused before, roles.


I say no more


@WazzaAzza join.
It will be fun.


I was joining, that was a meme because I’m to lazy to write /in


Did someone say wacky roles?!



won’t be home for another 20ish minutes (although i doubt that it’ll fill that soon)


Eh, fugg it. Not like I get sleep anyway.



2 more players, bump


I will post one of abilities wich won’t be in game, but I was thinking about for fun:

1-shot Deathproof False-Death-Triggered Reverse Blue Goo Janitoring Governor -
If you are lynched or killed, the person who took the action to do such (meaning the one who hammered you if you were lynched) will die instead without flipping and you will take their role and their alignment.




1 more?



You still here?
I will start when we get 1 more person.


I’m here


still here








I could join


Join then