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[Turbo] Shortfuse - Canned, not even players


What’s up?


Wait when does this start?


In 22 minutes at the latest, if it does not fill, it will be canned.


By fill, I mean get 7 players.


I could try in a couple of hrs to be honest, I haven’t been exposed to the hosting world yet.


It will be hosted after this game, you can co-host it if you want… since I make 100 moderrors everytime.


Sounds cool


@Solic you’re online now, do you want me to can this?


That’s up to you for the moment. I can’t join though.


Rip, that’s fine.


Choices Choices:

  • Can This
  • Wait for 7 players/11 minutes away
  • Start with 5 players

0 voters



With 5 players, there will be 1 mafia and 4 town.


@Blizer you regret blowing up Orange. But do you regret not noticing this Turbo lol.



no turbo for me


Canned. GI turbo is being setup.