[Turbo] Sandbox V - Signups (6/6)

Welcome to [Turbo] - Sandbox V

Hosted by @KyoDaz

This setup follows simple forum rules.
The setup will start on day one. There is no day one lynch.


Days will be 15 minutes long.
Day one will be 7 minutes long.
Nights will be 7 minutes long.
All actions must be done in your rolecard.
The town alignment is the Yellow Poppy.
The mafia alignment is the White Primrose.
The second mafia alignment is the Glowing Mushroom.
The neutral alignment is the Orange Lily.
The White Primrose and Glowing Mushroom automatically win once majority is reached.
The White Primrose have a faction kill. The Glowing Mushroom have a faction kill provided they have <1 KPN.
There will be no duplicate classes.

Turbo Time

Turbo Time is enabled.

This means that if only one vote is needed to be received, the day automatically has a three minute timer to end it. This timer becomes irrelevant if someone unvotes and will be reset upon being voted or if the day already has less than three minutes to end.

This is primarily meant to speed up the game whilst also allowing the person a time to testify and people to change reads.


To accuse someone say “/accuse [player]” or “/vote [player]
Executions will be plurality. Players are not lynched until the end of the day unless all votes are received.
Ties in the votes are considered no-lynch.

Please ask if you are unsure of any lynch scenarios.

To Join

To join, please ‘/in’.

Can be extended to 8p or 12p.

Random Yellow Poppy
Random Yellow Poppy
Random Yellow Poppy
Random Yellow Poppy
Random White Primrose / Glowing Mushroom
Random Orange Lily

Role Cards


  1. sulit
  2. Magnus
  3. JakeTheWolfie
  4. Isaac_Gonzalez
  5. PoisonedSquid
  6. katze
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  1. Magnus

Can’t be on for next couple hours

Create a spectator chat with me, I can’t create anything.

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Just use the iv thread

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Only classes up to O53 will be rolled.

@KyoDaz Fixed?


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/in :eyes:

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I’m back.
Can join if one strrts

/out sorry

/out too


I’m an escaped D-Class dammit!

Ping me on discord if this somehow starts…



Delayed until 2019-10-20T21:30:00Z as I cannot be on the forums for anytime today or tomorrow, this is the last time I’ll be posting until 20th.

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I can host this if it gets at least 6 signups.