[Turbo] Popcorn Mafia

Popcorn Mafia


All the standard rules you know the drill

No angleshooting quoting pms rudeness etcetera


  • The game is nightless
  • Days will be 20 minutes long
  • Before the game starts the mafia chooses a townie to receive a gun
  • The townie has until day end to choose to shoot another player
  • If the townie shoots scum, they keep their gun
  • If the townie shoots town, they die and the townie they shoot gets the gun
  • All roles are vanilla (except the townie with the gun I guess)
  • There is no lynch.


  1. Firekittwn
  2. DatBird
  3. MaximusPrime
  4. Arete

I’ll start when I get an adequate amount of players (like 6-12 is what I’m hoping)
To join type /in


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/in Ill in but i might have to leave randomly

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4 is balanced technicallyish

I’ll give a couple to make sure no one else wants to join yeet

1 maf 3 town is slightly town sided tho

i like 2 maf 4 town

That literally allows the same amount of mislynches as the first one
Popcorn is always going to be either slightly town sided or highly scum sided.

I misread what you said

i mistyped but i quick edited before you posted this so :sunglasses: ez

confusion 100 xD

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@simon @mercenary

Msg me on discord when this starts sulit

will do

starting in 5 minutes

6 minutes later


10 minutes later

I’m having technical difficulties

How are you having technically difficulties with POPCORN

of all the games