[Turbo] Oops, all Serial Killers! ver. 1 (No win!)

Welcome, to awful game design fun game.


  1. Follow all regular FoL rules
  2. You may talk in the main thread at all* times, even at night. I mean, what are you going to do, make a society?
    2.1 *You may not talk while dead.
  3. Don’t use My color or similar variants.
  4. Have fun, and may the best killer(s) win.


Days will be 5 minutes. Nights will be 5 minutes.


We will use only Majority and Plurality. If a player reaches Half (rounded up) votes, they will be terminated.



To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


Kingpin Killer (x1)
Stabby McGee
Bad Doctor


Kingping Killer

Kingpin Killer :crown:

Only the most powerful can win
Nominate the torch(Passive, starting Kingpin only) - If you die, you may choose one player to be the new Kingpin Killer. You will only win if they survive.
Nominated (Passive, nominated Kingpin only) - You retain all of your previous role’s abilities, passives, and wincon.
Abrupt Execution (Day) - Immediately execute the player with the most votes, ending the day. 2 uses
Fatal Guards (Night) - Send your guards to attack target player. Inf uses
Less Fatal Guards (Night) - Send your guards to protect target player. 4 uses :crown:

Survive to be one of the final 2

Stabby McGee

Stabby McGee

Hehehe. Blood.
Reaction (Passive) - If you are attacked, you will kill your attacker.
Action (Passive) - You will attack yourself if you do not kill anyone for one cycle.
STAB (Day) - Attack target player in plain daylight. It will be announced that you did it. Inf uses :crown:
STAB (Night) - Attack target player. Inf uses :crown:

Survive to be the final one



There needs to be some JUSTICE in this town.
Vigilantism (Passive) - If you kill another Vigilante, you will commit suicide.
Vigilante shot (Night) - Kill target player. Inf use :crown:

Have only Vigilantes survive to the end of the game.

Bad Doctor

Bad Doctor

I’m really quite a good person
Surgery (Night) - Heal target player. If they were not attacked, kill them instead. Inf uses :crown:

Survive to heal 3 people

1: KyoDaz (Vigilante)
2: Magnus (Stabby McGee)
3: Isaac_Gonzalez (Bad Doctor)
4: SirDerpsAlot (Vigilante)
5: FireKitten (Kingpin Killer)

What’s the wincondition?


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/in, autoout in two hours.

@Magnus Wanana play a game?

come play gaem

Saw /intensified

Go @ people who must want to play

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We’re 3/inf+ of the ways through

We’ll need at least 1 more to start


Only if theirs more than like 5 people though

We need at least 1 more then

what would the 5th role be

Randomized between all except Kingpin

All 4 roles are guaranteed to spawn, but after 4 players one role could just get heavily picked.

If we get 1 more, we can start

@Maxwell Wanna play?