[TURBO] Oops, All Neutrals! ver. 1 (1/5+)

Welcome again to a Neutral Tea Party.


  1. Follow all regular FoL rules
  2. You may talk in the main thread at all* times, even at night.
    2.1 *You may not talk while dead.
  3. Don’t use My color or similar variants.
  4. Have fun, and may the best Neutral(s) win.


Days will be 10 minutes. Night will be 5 minutes.
There will be at least 1 of each role, if there are less than 5 roles.
In the case that someone has the possibility of winning, the game will not end.


We will use Majority and Plurality. If a player receives half (rounded up for odd, +1 for even) of the votes before EoD, they will be lynched. Otherwise, the player with the most votes will be lynched by EoD.



To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


Stabby McGee
Freelance Doctor


Stabby McGee

Hehehe. Blood.
Reaction (Passive) - If you are attacked, you will kill your attacker.
Action (Passive) - You will attack yourself if you do not kill anyone for one cycle.
STAB (Night) - Attack target player. Inf uses :crown:

Survive to be the final one


Just with me and my bros
Fellow Logger (Night) - Visit a player and determine if they are a Logger. 2 uses

Have only Loggers survive to the end of the game.

Freelance Doctor

I’m really quite a good person
Surgery (Night) - Heal target player. Inf Use

Survive to heal 2 people

@ Me if you want to add a new role.


1: ConfustoLook
2: Marshal

Depends on when it starts

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It starts when there are at least 5 people yelling at me to start it

Which doesn’t seem likely, as no one seems to want to join. I have no idea why though.



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@Mist1422 wanna join?
@Marshal come do some bullshit

/in for all times before 5:30 central time.

otherwise it might get spotty

@htm @Magnus I was high when I made Neutral Showdown in Turbo form. come play it.

Sorry I can’t play it rn because I would be inactive like most of the time.

But it’s a turbo

I know and I’m too busy to play a turbo rn. If it starts after like 3 hours from now, I would play it.

Oh hey htm, long no seeing you c:

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I’ll join if it’s at 4 and I have time


As a reminder, please suggest roles so we don’t have 3 variants on survivor

Mate you know I can’t.

/out for now


haha i used your color