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[Turbo] One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Round 1 won by town! / Round 2 won by Werewolfs!


Just realized that 5 masons and one wolf who traded his role randomly is technically an innocent child 4 vt and one mafia


You being witch was confirmed.


Well, we got 5 at most anyway.


how do you know that it was town confirming me?


Let’s just call it a day and end for today.



I need redemption


Nah, I will host more turbo stuff other times.




better idea.

Use this link


Nuke… I was one of… ah nevermind.

I was in too many places anyway.


And this one


Nuke, my answer is still no.


Uhhh, I don’t know if it’s a good idea for me to go into that while my heart is pounding


@Firekitten click the buttons!


Should be fine. No one is on right this second


What even is it?


Discord server for an online version of one night


Aaahh I missed this clusterfuck. I would be so lost here too probably.