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[Turbo] One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Round 1 won by town! / Round 2 won by Werewolfs!


that’s not a game solve


I mean please do


Blue is certainly fakeclaiming minion based on that post


who’s the real minion


Isn’t guaranteed


Ninja prob


or he thinks he is?


/Vote Squid

just lynch this


Since Blue is most likely not swapped, then he’s either lying or actually is a Minion which in either case means he should not be lynched


that honestly makes me thing FK is mystic. But I know squid is scum so I’ma stick with that


/vote Ninja






I’ve already pointed out that he’s clearly fakeclaiming


I’m like super confused


Well let’s go for a player with a chance of getting lynched since wagon swapped.
/vote Squid


I know, but I’m saying that it’s not good to lynch him whether he’s lying or not


Look. So long as you didn’t swap squid then squid is dream wolf


/Vote Squid


Tanner is very unlikely


But Ninja could have been lying about him being DW to screw me over