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[Turbo] One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Round 1 won by town! / Round 2 won by Werewolfs!



I am confusion now


Yeah our roles swapped and you’re scum and I’m witch. :smiley:


I have no idea. It doesn’t really matter since either way we don’t want to lynch either


This is too complicated to be turbo


/Vote Nuke


No it’s best turbo so we’re all idiots and have no clue what’s happening.


No because your claim is impossible.


how so


None of the roles here are guaranteed, I believe, it’s all based on RNG and from my gut, I have a feeling there is one


Who am I supposed to protect who am I supposed to lynch



Dream wolf is on the bottom. How could it be you?


I don’t like being an idiot tho :crying_cat_face:


How is my claim impossible it’s true?



was on the bottom anyways


/vote Blue

This is forced.


Cuz dream wolf was on the bottom


4 minutes left



Blue is tanner


we already knew that