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[Turbo] One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Round 1 won by town! / Round 2 won by Werewolfs!



scumreading has failed

we will get em next time


Wot. No you aren’t. I gave him to someone else


/vote Nuclear


Where’d you put him?


/Vote Nuke


I gave him to Squid


Nuke what did you do?




Nuke, are you saying you made me a wolf?


/vote Squid


I gave squid the dream wolf. No idea why Ninja thought I gave it to him


/vote squid


nuke he said he was dreamwolf


/Vote Nuke
did blue claim


Don’t be stuipid. If he was actually the starting dream wolf he would know I was lying and not out


Ninja could have been the Tanner and lied about being Dream Wolf to get himself lynched


This is gonna be deadline lynch, I won’t care if mayonnaise is reached earlier.

Neither I won’t care about ketchup or other sauces.


Blue did not claim






blue claim