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[Turbo] One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Round 1 won by town! / Round 2 won by Werewolfs!


One night ultimate werewolf

Yes, I’m bored.


There are two phases: The Night and The Day.
The Night will last for 5 minutes. The Day will last for 20 minutes.
During the Night nobody can post. All players may send me their Night Action during this phase. After this phase, roles may be secretly swapped, so you may not even know who YOU are!
During the day players must attempt to figure out what happened during the Night. All players may vote during the day at any time. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day will die.

  • If a Villager dies, the Werewolves will win.
  • If a Werewolf dies, the Villagers will win.
  • If a Minion dies, the Werewolves will win.

Lynching nobody is an option.

  • If nobody dies during the day and there are Werewolves alive, the Werewolves will win.
  • If nobody dies during the day and there are no Werewolves alive, the Villagers will win.

Setup will be published after we get enough sign ups (cause it depends on number of players).


  1. Fk
  2. PS
  3. NB
  4. NP
  5. BS
  6. G


Mystic Wolf,
Paranormal Investigator,
Dream Wolf




Eh, might as well /join this as I heard the roles in this game are very interesting


/in first


wait, crap. Life is being a prick.



I love this game!



I expect to be destroyed as I only played this once and that was a trash fire if I remember


oh hey nuke you were in that game


I think I hosted it


No Ici game


Don’t worry, I’ll be as bad, if not worse as I never played this game before


TLDR: I win


TLDR: I think I’m scum and then push a mislynch and am wrong and lose.


No but you win because it turns out the guy you pushed was scum all along


Btw. Plz include the Trubblemaker, Robber and Witch in the list


Werewolf, Robber, Troublemaker, Doppleganger, Alpha Wolf, Witch, Village Idiot, Curator


Oh please no Village Idiot for the sake of our sanity.



What am I doing


aaaaaaaaaaaaa, fine, lemme change setup quickly


Also lul a turbo filled