[Turbo] OASK ver. 2 (3(1)/inf+)

Welcome again to a murder party.


  1. Follow all regular FoL rules
  2. You may talk in the main thread at all* times, even at night.
    2.1 *You may not talk while dead.
  3. Don’t use My color or similar variants.
  4. Have fun, and may the best killer(s) win.


Days will be 10 minutes. Night will be 5 minutes.


We will use Majority and Plurality. If a player receives half (rounded up for odd, +1 for even) of the votes before EoD, they will be lynched. Otherwise, the player with the most votes will be lynched by EoD.



To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


Kingpin Killer (x1)
Stabby McGee
Bad Doctor


Kingpin Killer

Kingpin Killer :crown:

Only the most powerful can win
Nominate the torch(Passive, starting Kingpin only) - Before you die, you may choose one player to be the new Kingpin Killer. If none is chosen, it will be randomly selected. You will only win if they survive.
Nominated (Passive, nominated Kingpin only) - You retain all of your previous role’s abilities, passives, and wincon.
Abrupt Execution (Day) - Immediately execute the player with the most votes, ending the day. 2 uses
Fatal Guards (Night) - Send your guards to attack target player. Inf uses
Less Fatal Guards (Night) - Send your guards to protect target player. 4 uses :crown:

Survive to be one of the final 2

Stabby McGee

Stabby McGee

Hehehe. Blood.
Reaction (Passive) - If you are attacked, you will kill your attacker.
Action (Passive) - You will attack yourself if you do not kill anyone for one cycle.
STAB (Night) - Attack target player. Inf uses :crown:

Survive to be the final one



There needs to be some JUSTICE in this town.
Vigilantism (Passive) - If you kill another Vigilante, you will commit suicide the following night.
Vigilante shot (Night) - Kill target player. If you kill a Vigilante, you will lose all abilites. Inf use :crown:

Have only Vigilantes survive to the end of the game.

Bad Doctor

Bad Doctor

I’m really quite a good person
Surgery (Night) - Heal target player. If they were not attacked, kill them instead. Inf uses :crown:

Survive to heal 2 people


1: Firekitten
2: Isaac (Confirmed)
3: Maxwell



A few more changes:

  • All roles are no longer guaranteed
  • King will now be publicly announced.

Why would you announce the king

Because I <3 the king.

Everyone else in the game might disagree with your opinion

but yeah

I think no role should be revealed

that way nothing is pubically confirmed so you don’t know if you can trust a claim


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Yo guys let’s do the thing



>Bumps thread

>Doesn’t join.

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Magnus has died! They were The Cat!

No U boomer.
It’s a lizard (but no one else can call me lizard or :dagger:)

Ok Smol dino

Off limits.