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Turbo Murder Mystery Canned due to lack of interest


idek who that is


Because you are.


reee no u


he’s not even that close tho


im worse


Possibly (naw)


was he really that bad


my first game I claimed cl that would eradicate and then deleted the post


nothing is worse than that



Then is Magnus Moleland’s alt?




I’m actually not any of that. As for @Isaac_Gonzalez’s question, NO. Not every other ghost survivor will become a medium. I just haven’t completed the rest.


Scorned Medium Gamethrower confirmed?


IT was a typo.


So no gamethrowing? Sadness


No gamethrowing.


Although their is a class that could confuse everyone’s.


i’m willing to in this later


You should set a time for when this starts since it’s a turbo, Magnus


The Deviant

Passive abilities-

Hidden Agenda: Your visit are not seen by the Watchman or Hound .

Day abilities-

Deviant: Disguise your current class as another players. This ability has a 1 night cooldown - Infinite Uses
Who I Am: Disguise another players current class as another players. This ability has a 2 night cooldown - Infinite Uses.

Night abilities-

Secrecy and Lies: Learn the last Ability a player used. You won’t know who used it - Infinite Uses.


What do you think of the design?