[TURBO MISC] Trust and Deception - SIGNUPS

There’s no time left.
All players will start in the main hall. They will have to separate and try to escape. One action per phase. Limited time to escape.

But there’s a twist.

Only a limited number can escape. If you find a key, you can escape through various exits. But other players will try to take it, and that might mean Killing you.
As well, there are monsters. Because it’ll be fun, killing monsters will earn you LV (1-6 max). The more LV you have, the stronger you are. The stronger you are, the more likely you will survive.

Statistics -

LV HP Strength EXP
LV 1 20 HP 10 Strength 0 EXP
LV 2 24 HP 12 Strength 10 EXP
LV 3 28 HP 14 Strength 30 EXP
LV 4 32 HP 16 Strength 60 EXP
LV 5 36 HP 18 Strength 100 EXP
LV 6 40 HP 20 Strength 150 EXP

Ask me questions if something makes no sense.

  1. James
  2. Eevee


/Join dat shit

I’m just going to go ham and yeet myself into a group of monsters, looks like free EXP.

I just got roasted by Magnus Lizard God

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That’s what your friends say about you.

Can keemstar be the hardest enemy? +6 LV if you beat him


Keemstars true power.


/No U

That moment you just picked on a FoL moderater


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/noscope in




Eevee looking down at me

Ban Hail for 5 minutes.

Oh so your joining JoJos. Good taste. Dont got time for a turbo tonight sorry Magnus


Magnus was silenced for arming a moderator.