Turbo -- Mini-Virtuous 1 (1/7)

Game is simple. Using rolelist from my SFoL 58 build. 2 scum, either Arbiter + Champion or Visionary + Heroine. Other 5 are random unseen. Prestige passive is disabled but anything that is unique still is unique (any unseen can roll). Conversion is disabled (but i might enable it if I got 8 or 9 or something). No king and No neuts but I might consider adding 1 neut depending on interest. Everything else follows the classcards I made for SFoL 58. Time TBD depending on when ppl who sign up are available but I will be online for the next several hours.

  1. Marshal


oh maxwell aren’t you in central time? the “next several hours” is gonna be nearing 3:00 am.

That being said, i have to annotate an entire book because i’ve been dicking around on the forums, and should also be availiable for those times, so count me /in

Used to be in central time. Now i’m on eastern (transferred out here to start uni in mid-may)

I’m a night owl haha

that’s even worse maxwell.

I would yell at you to get some sleep but i’m not one to talk.

few are.
this is just one of those nights where i’ll be here b/c i have a lot of studying to do.

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bump /in

/out school

Might wanna move this out of general and to forum matches btw. Dont got time for turbos atm


Anyone interested? Going to be up late tonight again


eh nvm

this attempt was scrapped 4 months ago

Didn’t see it was 4 months old.

if i ever try this again, i’ll let you know