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(turbo mafia) Town Wins! ALL HAIL ORANGE


I do too


I agree, I blame Solic too.


Let’s all blame solic




Hey @orangeandblack5 I’m serious about team somewhat polish coaching new players from different sites.
Like new, new players.

I mean ToS had good idea with newbie games but there was not enough of them, plus general games without advice doesn’t give much.
Actual coaching can help them develop much faster.


So like fk


Like Amrock, like Vulgard… ect. ect.


Just on bigger scale.


throw hjaisk in there and make him better


I mean I’d be down but can it wait until I don’t have too much work to do my own project lmao

You did hear me complaining that I’ve played like eight hours of any game over break and all of them sucked right lmao


@fk update op plz


I did a town win?


the op still says dethy and has smart lmao


Yeah, I know.

Tho that’s why I want more people to do it so we won’t be burdened with everything alone.


But before we can invite people I need to start lol


K give me 10 mins


It better sing my heroic praises after that ffs


Since when did Orange become a god?


Since I was tricked


I won too. :cry: