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(turbo mafia) Town Wins! ALL HAIL ORANGE


At first I felt sure, then I felt like a headless chicken and then I felt sure again after the flip.


Lol rip openwolfing in a turbo is so much more fun as town when you truly don’t have to care.


I openwolfed as wolf, makes sense.

I don’t like making sense.

It hurts.


So why did you choose Orange?


I mean it worked


I pocketed you then chosen orange for lulz.


My whole game was memes if you reread, lol.


For the memes.
Also I totally forgot you’re an incredibly obvious townie when town such a bother.


I wanted to lynch myself, cause it didn’t matter EITHER.

It’s either 2 vs 1 with one confirmed town
2 vs 1 with one confirmed town.


Lynching scum day 1 changes NOTHING.


If you lynch town D1 and they misvig it changes stuff. But really D1 is just for the memes.


Conversely I’m an awful scum. :smile:


Team somewhat polish recruiting players who want to improve for active coaching


Team Somewhat Polish AKA Just Eevee for all I could care you can just be miserable at this game.


I will take 5$ per coached player @NinjaPenguin


I was so happy I rolled town this game too.


Wow my fee for a critique is only playing in a game I host.


I have to go now however. Was a lot of fun playing with you guys again! :slight_smile:


See you next time where you hopefully rand scum! :smiley:


You need to host more games then.

I liked being praised after last one.